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Over the past several years our eye doctors at Dr. Taylor Bladh, O.D. have been getting more and more questions about how this blue-light exposures is effecting ourselves and more importantly our children. Blue-Light is emitted from our phones, tablets, computers, etc. The simple answer our optometrists could give was "We don't know" there was just not enough information available, but now there is. I'm sure you've seen people wandering aimlessly trying to capture a weak little Rattata on their Pokemon Go App . Anyone know if there's a gym or PokeStop around Diamond Bar High School ? The main point I'm trying to make is that we are surrounded by these devices. For better or for worse, they are apart of our lives and it would be best for us to at least learn how we can protect ourselves for this recent exposure.   Over the last several months there have been scientific studies completed that show a direct correlation to some of the many eye