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Bausch and Lomb Ultra Contact Lens

When disposable contact lenses were first introduced they were 2 week lenses. Recently most manufactures have been switching to either 1 day or 1 month replacement, because it's easier to remember. I have always been in the camp that shorter is better but around earlier this year, we were given the Bausch and Lomb Ultra lens to test out. It is only available in a limited number of offices (***shameless plug alert*** call us for a trial at 909.861.3737). Now I recommend it to every one for the following reasons:  1- It is a newer material which breaths more. Most of Our patient were in a competing lens which came out before the first iPhone. I'm afraid that you might have skipped over that last little tidbit so I'm going to repeat it again using uppercase letters. MOST CONTACT LENSES ON THE MARKET HAVEN'T BEEN UPGRADED SINCE THE FIRST IPHONE WAS INTRODUCED! 2- It has a better modulus which in English means it holds it shape better, is easier to handl