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We'll be sharing a little more often regarding our experience with Google Glass and how it's helping our industry of Sports Vision Training . We're very appreciative to Google for choosing us to be part of their Glass Explorer Program . With this particular post we're going to be using them on Daniel Robertson from the Oakland A's . We just met Daniel this year through Dave Coggin's facility PFA . He's really taken to the training and we're going to point out one particular area of Sports Vision that is so vital, yet overlooked by so many athletes. It's the ability to focus on one particular aspect to make you more efficient as an athlete. The theory is, when you focus on one particular detail, whether easy or difficult, the rest of your performance lets muscle memory take over and you're able to perform by letting your mind relax. The first video is of our athlete before we tell him to focus on something: You'll notice that we have


img: For all the years that Dr. Bladh has been doing Sports Vision Training , we have wanted to have a product that we can use to see from the athlete's perspective; Google Glass has filled that void. Before Glass we had to tape a video camera on our athlete's head while they did drills and... let's just say it wasn't working out. We're very excited to announce that we just purchased a pair of Google Glass to use for our athletes so we can see the tendencies they have while doing drills, performing on the field, etc. This technology will give us real world Point-of-View (POV) so we can not only show the athlete what they might be doing wrong, but also use it in other types of training to help others avoid mistakes to make them more efficient. We'll release more videos as they come available with our athletes and their drills, but for now we just wanted to let our patient base and athletes know it's here and we can't wait to us


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