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We just received approval as the vision provider for Easy Choice Health Plan HMO at Dr. Bladh O.D. Inc . This particular HMO serves a large Medicare population in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. We've been trying to get approval with this medical group for quite sometime now and are so glad to see it finally happen. We get to add this new patient base to our ever growing list of insurances and provide the same, great quality care to this growing demographic. We work closely with Primary Care Physicians and this approval will help the reporting that doctors so desperately need in the ever-changing health industry. Our other location in Orange County was actually the impetus for us getting approval with this Medicare health plan and we want to sent the staff and doctors over there a special thank you! We couldn't have done this without you. If you're part of Easy Choice Health Plan HMO and you want to know what benefits you are approved for please don't he


Retinal Imaging in our Diamond Bar office The  Optical Coherence Tomography  (OCT) machine is now installed and in full use at  Dr. Bladh Optometry ! We are so excited to bring this new technology from  Zeiss . We purchased the  Zeiss CIRRUS HD-Photo with Fundus Imaging and Glaucoma monitoring  capability in order to serve our patients better. This technology, along with our emphasis in the health of our patients eyes, will ensure that our patients receive the best care available. We've been able to catch early signs of  Macular Degeneration , diagnose  Glaucoma , catch  retinal detachments  before they've become too severe, along with many other benefits to having it. One of the requirements for  VSP to be a premier office   is to have retinal imaging capabilities and we've satisfied that with this purchase. Example of layers of the retina There were a number of machines that we looked at with the same general capabilities, but the CIRRUS HD-Photo stood out t

Flex Spending Account Information

USE IT OR LOSE IT!!! Flex spending has been around for years and still to this day I'm baffled at how many people just forget to take advantage of their untaxed dollars and treat themselves to something nice. For those patients who stumbled across this post and don't know what Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) are, there is a condition where the U.S. Government allows so many pre-tax dollars to be set aside from your paychecks to be used for medical bills. Even fewer people know that medical bills don't just coincide with medical procedures. Did you know that you can use Flex Spending dollars to purchase medical devices ? and a medical device can be a contact lens? or a pair of sunglasses? Yes! Every year we are flooded in December with requests and walk-ins who say to us, " I have so much money left to use by January 1st. What can I buy?" If you typically go to the doctor throughout the year, but this year was particularly healthy for you and (knock on wood)