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October is breast cancer awareness month . I find it hard to believe that some one has not been touched in some way by this disease. Those of us who have felt the reach of cancer are acutely aware of the consequences. It can be a very personal but yet all consuming tragedy at the same time.  Breast cancer is very real in our family. My precious wife of 34 years and I have been battling it for many years. We are grateful to the many doctors, researchers and staff that have helped us and so many others. There have been many advances but there is still much more to be done.   With this in mind, our office will be donating a portion of each frame sale to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help fund the research that goes into eradicating this disease. Stop by the office to see our pink ribbons!  We hope you will join us, if not in our office then, in contributing is some way to this worthy and needful cause.