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We are so excited to be announcing this new partnership with Dragon Eyewear ! Dr. Bladh's office has been watching the Dragon line for a long time. They've always had nice sunglasses, but we've been so impressed with the technology and innovation that the company has made recently not only to the sunglasses line but traditional ophthalmic as well. Have you ever had some sunglasses fall off your face into the ocean or river? I just imagine the bottom of Lake Havasu as a graveyard of lost sunglasses, never to be seen again. The new Dragon Sunglasses have a line that actually float back up to the surface! So now you can ride with the glasses on and not be worried about losing them if they fall off. The regular optical line is very clean as well showing the amount of time and effort that has gone into the design of each piece. We've had this line since the beginning of the year and it has climbed to be one of our top selling brands that we carry. Visit the off