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img: If you are in the Diamond Bar area and have a broken pair of glasses or sunglasses our policy is to fix them the best we can. Very few "adjustment" jobs end up walking away that we can't fix. Our Opticians loves to fix your frames and make sure you are happy leaving your Eye Doctor's office . Even if you are not one of our patients or purchased your frame elsewhere please come in and see if we can help you out. Our policy is to offer FREE frame adjustments and nose pad replacements to anyone that walks in the door.


image: Patients often ask me "When should my child have their first eye examination?" The answer surprises many when I tell them that the American Optometric Association recommends the first eye examination between 6 and 12 months of age. Any child considered "at risk" should be evaluated before 6 months. At risk is any child who:   -was premature, had low birth weight or was given oxygen at birth.   -family history of retinoblastoma, congenital cataracts, or metabolic disease.   -Infection of mother during pregnancy.   -difficulty during labor.   -eye turn (strabismus).   -Know or suspected central nervous system dysfunction, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, seizures, etc.   -high refractive error. image: If you've never seen a true pediatric eye examination, you are in for a treat. It is the most fun I have during my day. I get to break out all of the toys and use all the knowledge gained throu

Free Eyeglass Cleaner

Feedback from our patients is incredibly important to our business. Whether it's our sunglasses and frame selection to the types of contacts we stock. We understand that our biggest asset is our clientele. So in order to give back and reward the feedback we receive we are giving our patients a free bottle of eyeglass cleaner for each review we receive online. Yelp and Google both have check-in features, so if you "check-in" while at our Diamond Bar office, we'll even count that and give you a free cleaner on the spot. It's our way of giving thanks to you our customers and making sure your satisfied with our service. Thank you again for trusting us with your eye care needs during this holiday season. See you at the office!

MGD Baseball Academy

photo: Sports Vision Training has become the new buzz word in athletic training, and though initially this post might be different than our past Optometric ones, rest assured it will all come full circle. Nike initially contacted Dr. Bladh some time ago and asked if he would want to be part of their research and development team in the realm of sports vision training. Over the years Nike has released a handful of products that could completely change the way sports vision is viewed and used in regards to a training regimen.  We'll follow this post with some more detailed information regarding our developments and progression of different athletes that we have trained as well as some secret plans in the works, but until then we wanted to let everyone know of one of our athlete's academy. photo: Matt Davidson of the Arizona Diamondbacks is hosting an academy in his hometown with other professional athletes, coaches and trainers. You


Photo Our Optometry office has been running this promotion for a couple of years now and when our patients speak we listen! We've been told by our loyal patients to make this promo public so here you are. In the past we would send out a postcard to our patients letting them know that on their birthday month they could come in and get 30% off on their glasses (sunglasses or regular). This promo would require that they bring the card in, we would log it, apply it to the purchase, etc. but now we just look it up in the computer and offer it to all of our patients that come in. So, during your birthday month come in and get 30% off your purchase of glasses or sunglasses. Sorry this can't be applied to insurances, but if your benefits have already used up, stop on by and this is a great way for you to treat your self on your special month. As a side note, we actually just got an order from Ray Ban in preparation for the holiday season.

Dailies Total One Contact Lenses

For the past couple of months our office has been chosen as one of only a few to launch a new 1-Day contact lens from Ciba Vision; The Dailies Total One, breathable one-day contact lenses. They are a 1-Day disposable lens and we've been very impressed with the technology behind the creation of the contact. Ciba's done a great job with it (so we'll see how they handle the marketing of it). Early studies have shown that 9 out of 10 people that try the lenses prefer them over their existing contact lenses. We haven't see quite that large of a turnover, but the initial reaction of these have been very promising. We're uploading one of their promotional videos so you can see what separates this lens from others on the market. We tend to be visual beings and would rather watch a video than read about it so your welcome :) Ciba has supplied our office with a large amount of trial lenses for our patients to try out, so if you are interested either call or walk in so we


img: We love fitting contact lenses! Our doctors still remember wearing and making their own gas permeable (hard) lenses in Optometry School. How times have changed... Though our doctors are experts at fitting and prescribing hard lenses, which includes ortho-k (thats for another post for another day), soft contact lenses are what the majority of patients wear. The business of Optometry has also changed over these years with the internet making things available at the push of a button. We recognize how busy our patients are and have implemented a new policy with contact lens orders. For every patient that orders contact lenses (2 boxes or more), we will give you the option to ship directly to your house FOR FREE!!! Phillips Ranch? Walnut? Diamond Bar? Doesn't matter. We just shipped contacts to a patient that now lives in Chicago! The Garko family holds a special place in our hearts.  It's just another way to save a trip to your Eye Doctor's office and have

Dr. Bladh OD, Optometry, Inc. - Diamond Bar, CA

Image Our first blog post will be an introduction as to who we are and what we do. We service the eye care needs of the Diamond Bar, Walnut, Chino Hills, Phillips Ranch and Pomona areas, with a special interest in North Orange County and East Los Angeles County. Dr. Bladh specializes in the fitting of hard and soft contact lenses with unique experience in ocular diseases. His OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) equipment is vital for his diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, retinal diseases, cataracts, etc. We have the largest frame and sunglasses selection with the most hours of operation and a friendly staff to specialize in fitting you with the right frame to fit your needs. We also have an In-House lab to cut your lenses as soon as possible.Your satisfaction is our priority!  Dr. Bladh has a specially trained staff to satisfy Vision Therapy needs as well as Sports Vision Training for those athletes looking for an edge. His work with Nike in their research and de