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Well consider us trendsetters! With news of the Burberry/Coach merger being taken into consideration, we had already pulled the trigger last month to add the historic Burberry brand to our already prestigious list of available fashion eyewear at Dr. Bladh's ; which happens to include Coach. The line is intricately designed with the most recent Burberry fashion pieces in mind. They treat the design and creation of their glasses with the same precision and expertise of their most recent fall releases. It is a very classy and elegant line the can be seen on both male and female patients alike. We are so excited to announce our partnership with this fashion line and encourage you all to come and take a look at the office. Call today to set up an appointment 909.861.3737


Over the past several years our eye doctors at Dr. Taylor Bladh, O.D. have been getting more and more questions about how this blue-light exposures is effecting ourselves and more importantly our children. Blue-Light is emitted from our phones, tablets, computers, etc. The simple answer our optometrists could give was "We don't know" there was just not enough information available, but now there is. I'm sure you've seen people wandering aimlessly trying to capture a weak little Rattata on their Pokemon Go App . Anyone know if there's a gym or PokeStop around Diamond Bar High School ? The main point I'm trying to make is that we are surrounded by these devices. For better or for worse, they are apart of our lives and it would be best for us to at least learn how we can protect ourselves for this recent exposure.   Over the last several months there have been scientific studies completed that show a direct correlation to some of the many eye


Quick ( ray-ban )! Think of the most popular sunglasses in the world ( Ray-Ban ), and what name comes to mind ( RAY-BAN ). If you're not thinking about the ever popular Ray-Ban Sunglasses that have completely revolutionized the way sunglasses are worn and branded in the world, where have you been living? Ray-Ban has been on the forefront of marketing and design since they brought the line back from relevant obscurity. Their latest marketing has them sponsoring new young musicians and concerts as well as releasing a documentary about the art of apology . It's actually quite beautiful to see and experience. Well worth the time to watch. In recent years Ray-Ban has given back to their clientele through big and small means. This current promotion is a small give back, but is actually really fun to have just for making a purchase you were already going to make anyway (let's be honest). For each pair of glasses (sunglasses or regular ophthalmic glasses) you will recei


Did you know that thousands of Americans spend part of their Fourth of July in the emergency room because of eye related injuries caused by fireworks? Watching the Diamond Bar 4th of July Blast at DBHS will help you avoid that, but don't tell this to JPP, he knows all too well the dangers of these pyrotechnics . These fun shows of display can be exciting when handled by trained professionals, but if you are going to light these small pieces of dynamite for yourself, please exercise caution while doing it.  The majority of the injuries were reported from bystanders, and 40% of those were actually children under the age of 15. Firework related eye injuries can cause blindness and surprise, surprise, July is Firework Safety Month (who comes up with these things). If you are going to light your own fireworks and explore that adventurous side please be safe this holiday season! We want to see you healthy again for your next visit! Happy 4th everyone. 


Did you know that children under the age of 13 are 3 times more exposed to harmful UV Rays compared to adults, and as many as 75% of the same demographic only sometimes or rarely wear any kind of sunglasses for protection!!! This week is National Sunglasses Week and we wanted to give our patients a reminder to make sure you're protected! Even reflective UV light is just as harmful as direct UV and one of the scary facts is that the most harmful light in the spectrum is non-visible. The following chart explains If you don't have anything to protect your eyes, please get something. We have a huge selection of sunglasses, all having UV protection, that you can look through. We want to thank everyone of our loyal patients for the continued support you've given us over the years to help us through these 30 years of business . We couldn't have done it without you. 


We are so excited to be announcing this new partnership with Dragon Eyewear ! Dr. Bladh's office has been watching the Dragon line for a long time. They've always had nice sunglasses, but we've been so impressed with the technology and innovation that the company has made recently not only to the sunglasses line but traditional ophthalmic as well. Have you ever had some sunglasses fall off your face into the ocean or river? I just imagine the bottom of Lake Havasu as a graveyard of lost sunglasses, never to be seen again. The new Dragon Sunglasses have a line that actually float back up to the surface! So now you can ride with the glasses on and not be worried about losing them if they fall off. The regular optical line is very clean as well showing the amount of time and effort that has gone into the design of each piece. We've had this line since the beginning of the year and it has climbed to be one of our top selling brands that we carry. Visit the off