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We've mentioned this topic briefly in previous postings, but we wanted to share a little more in depth information for those who have been asking. Dr. Bladh was contacted many years ago by Nike to be part of a pilot program for their Sports Vision Training division of the company. It was very hush-hush at first; Dr. Bladh was flown to Nike headquarters in Oregon to give his input as well as be trained on the new and exciting equipment Nike was developing. This actually made for great entertainment knowing what was coming out next and getting to use the tools on our athletes before anybody else was. We agree that name dropping is cliche and actually agree with Don Draper's sentiments " Endorsements are lazy " (name that episode) so we've chosen to keep our athletes names out of this post ( Matt Davidson ). Sports Vision Training is actually more complex than people realize( AJ Pollock ). Our first evaluation is with Dr. Bladh and he does a whole Sports V


img: Yes in the world of Optometry , right here in Diamond Bar , we are converting to Electronic Medical Records or EMR. It's taken us a while, but we're finally ready to make the switch. We were looking for a company that we feel embody what we represent as a practice in innovation and ease of use to make the smoothest transition possible. After months of researching companies and EHR systems, we've finally have teamed up with a great company Vision Web using their Uprise technology to offer this transition. We'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say we feel like Vision Web provides a long term, permanent solution to our medical records needs. Now the only problem will be what to do with all of the space! Please let us know your suggestions. We were thinking of making a place for Dr. Bladh to practice his juggling...


img: We have been running this little promotion for a while now and decided to let everyone in on it. We track how many eye exams our doctors see each month and just to add to the fun we decided to make it interesting for our staff and reward our patients at the same time. We have a little tally marker in the front that the receptionists mark off after every check-in. It's fun to see our staff get excited for our patients. For every 100th patient that comes in we are giving a pair of movie tickets. Yes it's a small token, but everyone that's been our 100th patient has been just absolutely thrilled. We love keeping a smile on our patients face and making sure you walk away happy . Thank you for your continued support for our office and our company , we're very thankful for and value what you bring to our office.


We've always said that above all else, we are loyal to our patients. This focus has lead us to be drawn towards the most innovative and aggressive technology in the world of Optometry . For this reason, we are pleased to announce one of the most progressive contact lenses for our patients with presbyopia; the PureVision 2 Multi-Focal contact lens from Bausch and Lomb for presbyopia . We don't do a lot of business with B & L, but this lens is far superior than any other bifocal lens on the market. The predictability and ease of the lens separates this from its competition. The video above gives more information pertaining to the science behind the lens, but we've been using it for 3 months now and it's already one of our best selling bifocal lens. If you are interested in trying this lens out, please contact the office at 909.861.3737 to have our staff schedule an appointment with Dr. Bladh  for a free trial pair of these amazing contacts.


Dr. Bladh has been an Optometrist for 28 years and is one of the best eye doctors in his profession. We pride ourselves on customer service and making sure you leave our office satisfied . In order to celebrate Dr. Bladh's 28 years of service we are launching a year long promotion where we pick a brand that we carry and spotlight that brand for the entire month. During the spotlight we offer a 28% discount on that brand (yes, very clever 28 years, 28%); ophthalmic or sunglass, doesn't matter. This month we have decided to highlight one of our more successful brands and one that we have a great relationship: Michael Kors Michael Kors is a leading luxury brand with an influential global presence, that reflects the unique point of view of its namesake. He started his company 2 years before Dr. Bladh graduated from Optometry school and in quoting from their website he "has featured distinctive designs, materials and craftsmanship with a jet-set aesthetic th