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Dr. Bladh with his granddaughter who has autism There was just a great article written (that you can click here) portraying a multitude of facts and experimental diagnostic testing for #Autism by Karen Weintraub to try and speed up the official diagnosis. I know there is so much red tape in getting services approved, I'm just wondering if the reactionary nature of our society is causing us to find treatments and diagnosis rather than prevention. The article does a wonderful job explaining the problems in getting early intervention from the complexity of the disorder to the denial of caregivers, but I would like to see our society respond to Autism similar to some other epidemic problems we have faced. I've seen a number of theories and some compelling statistics, but it seems like prevention is taking a back seat in our culture. #AutismOptometrist


The entire month of April has been dedicated to Autism Awareness ! This month is every month in our family. There are very few persons untouched by this condition which seems epidemic. For you who know autistic children, and those on the spectrum, they are some of the purest, most angelic souls you will ever encounter. They are greatly misunderstood; just as they have difficulty understanding at times the confusing worlds that surrounds them. This misunderstanding can cause judgmental looks, exclusion from peers and frustration for both parents and friends. My granddaughter Elle is one of those affected with this challenge. She exudes pure love but is often misunderstood. We love her so much and thank God everyday she was sent to our little family. She has helped us learn some of the most fundamental characteristics that society should all encompass. We are extremely passionate about Autism Awareness and are taking this month of April to show our support for our local speci